Its really fun to read feedback from customers. Some have been so happy they have messaged me, whilst others have written some lovely reviews, sharing how the Leanii is used, and by whom.

Kindles – I didn’t consider this at first, but the Leanii Tablet is absolutely perfect for the Kindle.

Children – Children love the way the device is adjusted. There is something basic and enjoyable about the device which people appreciate.

Perhaps the most unexpected need was from another valued customer. She was after a way to improve her communication with her father. The pair spoke over video calls but were plagued with camera shake. She told me that thanks to the Leanii, they had their first wobble free conversation on Christmas morning!

Another benefit is organisation. People sometimes just need a nudge to break bad habits. If something doesn’t have a place, it gets left out and lost. A new station where everything can go could be the gentle kick your or your loved one needs, and it won’t feel like an intervention!

Then there is charging. Always leaving the house with a half charged device? Plonk it down on your station and plug in the charger instead.

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