Leanii is a strong little thing.

big heavy objects

Will leanii support my….YES

I’m sometimes asked whether leanii will support x, y or z device – which is lovely and I’m happy to answer. But as you can see, it is pretty good at what it does.

You might think I could add a second dowel, I could yes, but its unnecessary. You see its about stability. The most stable stool is a three legged stool – it can be placed on an uneven surface. The magic is in the slot – it stops the device from rocking and rolling (what a shame). In short, it only needs one dowel. Its efficient, effective, easy to adjust.  Besides, would you like it if Charlise Theron got a second nose?

Another question that pops up – can you use the stand with a case?


…but I’m not able to test it with all cases. If the case is shaped like a football – no. If the case is shaped like a banana…NO, well maybe yes actually. It needs an edge, not much of one, but something of one, so you find yourself a banana with an edge and I’ve got the stand for you. *Send your pictures of leanii holding a banana to email hidden; JavaScript is required*

Look at the picture above of the 10kg weight plate – that doesn’t have much of an edge, but it works. There are no strings, I don’t want to fib because I don’t want anyone disappointed. I don’t recommend such a heavy mass though, stick to lighter stuff. The weight in the picture is ten times heavier than an iPad pro, one heavy tablet, so you can see how it’ll cope.

Did I mention its made of solid oak but costs less than a take away pizza?